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Eden Eternal Old School RPG Preview

To associate yourself with the kind of RPG we need to link to Eden Eternal, a trip to yesteryear is required. Back to those days when it was the time of Zelda: Link to the Past, Breath of Fire and the original Final Fantasy games before the third dimension was introduced into them. This was my bread and butter when I was growing up and my love of the genre has only dropped due to the lack of time today’s modern life gives you (I’m sure we can all relate to that.).

It’s nice to have a game like Eternal Eden drop Eden Eternal Gold in your lap to have a reminiscent blast through. It doesn’t make itself out to be a massive 3D, online, all singing, all dancing extravaganza. Instead, it takes a refreshing and firm stance and stays within the confines of its heritage and gives us a proper slice of retro role play, mainly in part to the use of the RMVX program (more or less an RPG creator).

The story is not far off the tales we had on some of the older platforms. You have Noah, who wakes up from a “nightmare” trying to work out if what had just happened was in fact real or if it all took place in his head. He meets up with his friend, Downey to visit the Princess’ palace in celebration of her 400th birthday. As is customary, there is a pie making contest, as her ladyship does love her pie. Jean, the resident egotistical soldier is confident he’s made the best one, but Downey has other plans and decides to take some forbidden fruit from the Eden Tower to make his effort. He does win, but not before turning the Princess into a monster. This in turn transports Noah and the two feuding competitors into a parallel version of their own world and thus begins the adventure to save everything and everyone.If you need,you can Buy Eden Eternal Gold here.

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