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2029 Online: PVP System Introduction

2029 Online provides the battle-hardened players a place to compete against each other in gladiatorial battles for honor, glory, and power. The main goal of the PvP System is to offer players a highly competitive environment that does not rely so much on a huge investment of time but rather on a team's playing skills. Let us get a closer look at the PvP in the game: 

PvP Mode:
After a player hits Level 10, they can toggle their PvP setting on and set it at “All”. This will enable them to attack any player they like. They can also customize their PvP settings to avoid unnecessary killings.

Evil Index
All players start the game with a zero Evil Index. Every time they kill a player with a white name they will add at least 100 points to their Evil Index. (They will gain more serious evil index punishments as the level difference between them and players they killed goes up). But the evil index will be reduced as they spend more time online. One point on the evil index will be deducted for every minute they are online.

Penalty Punishment:
The odds of losing items in your inventory are small if a player is killed by monsters. But the odds increase when they are killed by other players. If a player has a white name, then there are fewer risks of losing inventory property than a yellow name player or a red name player. Once a player becomes a red name and is killed, they stand the chance of losing a great amount of inventory items and being disarmed.

Protection Mechanism
Players have many options to choose from in Peace mode, all mode, Party mode, (2029 Online Gold)and Guild mode. These minimize the times players are attacked in the PvP realm.

Peace: Attacks will not deal any damage to targets.
All: Players will deal damage to ‘all’ targets.
Party: Players are only allowed to attack non teammates.
Good VS Evil: This is the default PvP mode. In this mode, players are only allowed to go after players with a red name.
Guild: Players can only deal damage to players who are not in their guild.

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