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2029 Online: PvP Smack

In this latest press release, the PvP Modes and penalties of 2029 Online are explained. In addition, we have four new PvP screenshots to whet your appetite.

In 2029 Online Gold games and in the real world, there's always going to be something to get people fired up at one another, whether it be politics, games, or even something as simple as your favorite color. The best way to settle these conflicts? PvP.

As a sci-fi-action title, 2029 Online Gold dev team has been inspired to make PvP a much more tactical and action-packed setting than ever before. They're wanting to set the standard for PvP gameplay, and have been devoting a great deal of effort and time to adding new PvP arenas, as well as adding a sweeping PvE warfare system that pits you against some of the most clever foes while still keeping you engaged in the PvP environment.

It can be difficult to keep your cool in the heat of battle. For most hard-core players, they strive for the thrill of a good battle, and will come out with guns blazing and fists swinging if given the chance. It would be far from fair to have a new 2029 Online Goldplayer jump into the middle of a battle without being prepared, so a system has also been put into place preventing these PvP killing machines from engaging you in battle right away. Once you reach level 40, however, you're open game, but by that point you should have the experience under your belt to be capable of fighting back.

PVP modes:

2029 Online Gold Players are free to switch the PVP mode between "Peace", "All", "Party", "Justice" and "Guild" in order not to injure others by mistake.
Peace Mode: Your attacks will not injure any player.
All Mode: Your attacks will injure all players.
Party Mode: Your attack will injure other players except your teammates.
Justice Mode: Your attack will only injure yellow and red players.

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