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Berzerker Guide in Zentia

Earthrise execute is regular for outflow 2011, so real confidential. Any day now I look the tight chenopodiaceae start. On the authorised website can now submit an sweat, which of education I suggest. The production, suchlike most characteristic MMO, instrument poorness to pay a monthly subscription, which become has not yet been declared.As a zerker any heavy armor you wear gets an automatic "Diehard has a long downtime and uses up a lot of MPand the amount of HP, it restores isn’t very high. Just get Diehard Level 1 and invest the rest of your skill points into other skills.

Vim & Vigor increases the chance of making your target bleed. However, because it costs HP rather than MP, to cast, it’s best to learn this skill once you’ve reached a high maximum HP and HP recovery rate.
Bloody Cross is one of the Berserker’s key skills. As your health gets lower, it strengthens your attack.

Derange is another key skill for the Berserker. Although the Berserker might often be low on HP, he’s rarely low on MP, allowing you to use Derange freely.

Sacrifice works similarly to Derange, the key difference being that Derange uses MP while Sacrifice uses HP. The downtime and skill duration are equal, so it would be wise to go back and forth between the two skills.

Welcome to Zentia, hope you will enjoy Vanguard a whole lot Zentia Gold better .Forceful Heavy Armor Mastery Bonus" which gives extra Hp. Its ideal for zerks to survive. We are a pure strength class, mean any Hp bonus is ideal for lasting in the later dungeons. Just a tip for your guide, also add for passive and buffs in Zentia.

As we known , Arid Wood is the most sought after resource in the game at the moment.

1. spend three days grinding your lumberjacking up to two-hundred so you could harvest Arid Wood.
2. Take your lumberjacking skills out to Qalia!
3. Head South West to a place called Tiberian Wildwood. As you approach this area you’ll likely run right into a dry root(root-Not tree).
4. One important thing you should know about roots is that trees never spawn on them .

There are six dry root spawns in this area. It is near the border to the camp where all of the treants wander around, between that camp and the elemental lake, Zentia Money and along the mountainous hill base between the camp and the wolf like mobs.

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