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The useful guide for new players of Zentia

Zentia due to our lack of mitigation as compared to other tanks.Survival Instincts remains at 5 minutes.Zentia Gold behind all tanks should be equal.Best Place to Farm Eternal ShadowThe best place to ..


Experience is mainly gained through questing

Zentia is ChangYous third free MMORPG release in North America. Like Dragon Oath and Blade Wars, Zentia has a fantasy theme, but beyond that it is very different from its predecessors. The game has an..


Berzerker Guide in Zentia

Bloody Cross is one of the Berserkers key skills. As your health gets lower, it strengthens your attack.Zentia Gold better .Forceful Heavy Armor Mastery Bonus which gives extra Hp. Its ideal for zerks..


Get yourself a Zentia closed beta key

Zentia, and it is the companys newest offering to the North American region.Zentia Gold, like, oh, ridding the land completely of demons. Youre immortal, it cant be that hard, right?Zentia Money to wa..


Zentia : Double XP Weekend

Zentia, Zentia devs reveal that this weekend players will receive double XP this weekend. Also, the latest Z-TV episode is out and available so be sure to head to the Zentia blog.Zentia Goldplayers.


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