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Experience is mainly gained through questing

Zentia is ChangYou’s third free MMORPG release in North America. Like Dragon Oath and Blade Wars, Zentia has a fantasy theme, but beyond that it is very different from its predecessors. The game has an animated graphic style and uses bright colors. More importantly, it has a wide range of playable characters, and an original game world.

The Zentia client clocks in at 1.3 GB which means player will have plenty of time to create their ChangYou account before playing. Those who have signed up for one of their previous titles can skip this step and head right into the game. There are two factions or ‘camps’ in Zentia, Ba Gua and Tai Chi. Both have access to the same set of 20 characters and eight classes. The characters serve mainly a cosmetic purpose since Zentia has no appearance customization during character creation. The characters come in many shapes and sizes with some of the odder ones being a monkey and a baby. The rest have a distinctly Asian look, expect for one random Dutch looking guy with orange hair. All characters can play as any of the Zentia Gold. The classes have flavorful names like ‘Vajra Guardian’ (tank), Blade Warden (rogue), Divine Enchanter (healer), and so on.

After character creation, players are treated to a charming cinematic video where a group of good guys riding on a giant tick chase down a bunch of thieves. The thieves are then supported by a giant, but another hero riding a giant frog hops by to even the odds. The video doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, but it does set the tone for the game. Zentia is light hearted and, according to the developers, was influenced by fairy-tales. The prevalence of spirit and demon themed monsters, along with NPC and architecture designs reveal the game is based in ancient China. The NPCs even spew a few lines of Chinese when spoken to which adds to the feeling of being in a different world. There’s no formal tutorial, instead players start on a tiny island near several NPCs who offer simple quests that involve killing small woodland creatures. Before long, players will be riding a stork the beginner village of Muberry. In Zentia(Zentia Money), experience is mainly gained through questing. Actually killing monsters rewards very little exp.

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