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Perpetuum Online Threat and Aggro Guide

Here are some details for the Perpetuum Online threat and aggro,hope it can help you.

- Classes that can tank: warrior, paladin, druid, death knight.

Primary reason that makes them able to tank unlike other classes are their High Threat abilities. Especially their area-of-effect (aoe) threat abilities that can make threat on many monsters at once.

Aoe threat making abilities are important because any kind of healing also makes aoe threat. If one player even bandages himself, he will make all the mobs in fight more likely to attack himself. Healer does aoe threat whenever he heals. Tanks must be able to overcome this by doing even more Perpetuum Nic.

For Warrior, the main aoe threat ability is thunder clap and if it is improved by talents, it's about doubly as effective. When tanking multiple mobs, use thunder clap whenever possible.

For Paladin, Consecration is one of the abilities that make Holy Damage on many monsters at once. With Paladins, doing Holy Damage with Righteous Fury buff on = generating threat.

For Druid Bear, Swipe is the one ability to hit multiple mobs at once but it most likely needs to be used as often as possible to be effective enough.

For Death Knight, Death and Decay, Pestilence to spread plague from initial target to other targets. Do note that Death Knights' Frost Presence is a tanking mode and doesn't have anything to do with their talent tree called Frost.

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