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Useful HolyBeast Online Mage FAQ

Other important stats to a mage are +spell damage, spell critical rating, spell hit rating, spell penetration, HolyBeast Online and resilience. Spell damage is what it sounds like, an increase in either all spell damage, or the damage of a particular school. It is a passive bonus found on gear and will increase the spell damage up to a particular amount, how much +damage a spell receives depends on the spell. Spell critical and hit rating obviously increase your chance to crit or hit with spells which is good for a mage to have because if a spell crits, its more damage for the same amount of Holy Beast Gold. Hit works kind of the same way, if you get resisted you basically just wasted mana on a spell that did no damage, increasing your spell hit will help negate that. Don’t forget though that you can’t have 100% to hit, refer to the chart later to find out how much +hit you need, as it will vary. Crit and hit generally aren’t a focus for leveling, but they do help, so any gear you come across with hit and crit on it might be a good addition. Spell penetration lowers your targets resistance by x, which helps with partial resists, such as the ones mages see with fireball. Resilience is a stat new with BC and is a pvp stat. In a nutshell resilience reduces the chance of you being critically struck and reduces the damage done by criticals to you. +Damage, Crit, hit, penetration and resilience are discussed later.

What stats are important when leveling?
From 1-60 Intellect should be the primary stat you focus on, then stamina as a seconday stat. Basically if you look for "of the Eagle" gear you’ll be fine. There are also a few Holy Beast Gold that you can make that are pretty good, my personal favorite is Robe of Power. From 60-70 it’s a bit different, the first quests you get in outland reward green items with int, stam and spell damage on them. Some may even offer crit and/or hit. From 60-70 any item with int and/or spell damage, and/or crit would be a good choice.

What armor, weapons, and trade skill professions can a Mage learn?
- Mages start out with proficiency in Cloth armor; Mages cannot learn any other armor types, regardless of their character levels.
- Mages start with the Holy Beast Online Gold skill Staves. Mages can also learn how to wield Daggers and 1 handed swords in addition to their existing weapon skills.
- New spells become available to Mages on every even-numbered level: 2, 4, 6, etc up to 60 after level 60 mages learn new spells on every level. Be sure to visit a Mage trainer as soon as you can upon reaching an even-numbered level: you will be finding it more difficult to fight creatures at your new level without updated spells.
- Mages are also able to learn teleport (lvl20) and portal (lvl40) spells from portal trainers. Portal trainers are located near the mage trainers in the major cities
- Mages, like all characters, have the ability to learn any two of all the available trade skill professions and all of the secondary professions (first aid, fishing, cooking).


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