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HolyBeast Online News
HolyBeast Online: CB Testers Needed

HolyBeast Online is a cute f2p MMORPG developed by Easyfun Entertainment of Taiwan. Now the English version comes and the CLOSED BETA will be launched. MMOsites HolyBeast Online key giveaway event wil..


Useful HolyBeast Online Mage FAQ

HolyBeast Online and resilience. Spell damage is what it sounds like, an increase in either all spell damage, or the damage of a particular school. It is a passive bonus found on gear and will increas..


HolyBeast Selling Unique Items For Limited Time

HolyBeast Online this week. Below will be the list of items for this update, and we are sure that these great items will increase the joy of playing HolyBeast ONLINE.Now the Item Mall prepares various..


HolyBeast Online has the gameplay elements

HolyBeast Online has the gameplay elements of a generic MMORPG, but introduces an incredibly interesting and unique concept to the genre. Players can transform between their animal and human forms at ..


HolyBeast Online Review

HolyBeast Online is a cute cartoon-style, 3D, MMORPG. It has been serviced in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan and very popular among female gamers as well as males.- Items; when beasts go berserk, their B..


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