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YS online review!

I have played pretty much all the free mmorpg games out there and YS Gold I must say this game has set a new standard when it comes to free mmorpg gaming. Stunning graphics with awesome gameplay.

Fighting monsters can be fun by soloing till level 20, as you can really get your Boost Cards cheap but later on, as you havent got all those cheap boostcards, you have to party, and in YS Gold, there is nothing more fun to do than grab a bunch of friends, go into a dungeon, and YS Gold start killing... again a big PLUS to the huge Party Content of the game, if it wasnt for the hard to get boost cards, there would be more soloing.

PVP is really funny and YS Gold enjoyable thing. PK system is open, so after 20lvl You can kill anyway outside safe areas - towns, crystals, beginnings of maps for example. Killing 1 person gives You 100 villain points which You can decrease while killing higher level monsters. Moreover, if You are in a PK mode and soembody kills You there is a possibility that You will loose some of Your items - even equipped. There is also PvP arena where You can measure Your strenghts and weaknesses. Killing there is allowed and as I know You will not get villain points for that in this area.

This is an amazing game and I can't wait to devote my time to it!!! I recommend this game to any mmorpg fan!

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