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Divine Soul is the latest arcade style brawler

Divine Soul is the latest arcade style brawler MMORPG to be published by Outspark. The game takes the genre to new heights with high quality 3D graphics, fluid gameplay, and an extensive list of combo attacks that players must pull off manually. Gamers looking for a MMORPG with a more involved combat system should look no further than Divine Souls.


Standing Out in the Crowd

A wave of free to play brawler games have made their way to market recently. Dungeon Fighter Online may have been the earliest, but it was quickly followed by Dragonica Online, Fists of Fu, and several other titles. While all of these games had more action oriented gamplay than the traditional MMORPG template offered, they seemed years behind in terms of graphics and technology. Well now Divine Souls(Divine Souls Gold) rides to the rescue. Not only does it offer fun bash-and-dash stage progression, but the interface and visual presentation are up to date. Divine Souls uses a familiar fantasy setting (though it does have some steampunk elements), but the visual style is realistic rather than anime inspired or cartoony.

Not So Many Souls

Divine Souls entered beta testing in July 2010 and makes use of Outspark’s new O+ launcher. The game has a wide range of supported resolutions and graphic options which is surprising considering the relatively small client size of 1 GB. There is currently one official server, broken into two parts with each serving a different coast. Each coastal server has multiple channels and can be scaled up with additional channels as needed. Character creation is a bit less impressive. There are three classes to chose from, Mage, Slasher, and Fighter. The classes are gender locked, but there are three empty class slots which means additional classes are planned in future updates. Appearance customization is pretty bare. Players chose from a small selection of face and hair styles. A full color pallet is available for skin and hair color. The character designs themselves look realistic, I was particularly impressed by the knees on the female Mage. I don’t recall any other game ever attempting to make Cheap Divine Souls Gold look so realistic.


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