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YS Online Introduction

YS Online Introduction

YS Online is stemmed from the famous YS series originally developed by Falcom, a Japanese developer. CJ Internet Game Studio and Nihon Falcom have teamed up to convert the famous YS Gold series to an online game which is brought to you by Key To Play.

20 years from the first release, YS Gold series has been transformed to numerous platforms,YS Gold and dramatically evolved. And now,YS Online Gold, with the unique worldview and action features inherited from the original YS series, is the most expected MMORPG of the year. YS Online boasts a wide range of MMORPG features, with its fast-paced and flashy action combat system.

Present a unique version of YS by re-demonstrating the game mechanics,YS Gold and settings of the legendary YS series, known as one of top 3 most venerable Japanese RPGs, YS Online and adding trendy characteristics of MMORPG. It has developed a mythical world by re-creating the Era of the greatest Adventure, the time of Adol's adventure.

YS adventure sets out a mystical world with dark secrets of Romune, the center of the YS Gold world, dark spells in the entire continent, and 6 lords and 6 ancient books sealed with magic spells. Who will you be? A powerful Afrocan fighter? A wise Kimo or a skillful Eresian? Join a story that started 22 years ago,YS Onlilne Gold and defeat the hordes of evil creatures invading the mystical Romune Empire, from seaport Lutino to Peruzard. You won't be alone to follow the steps of Grey the Brave Hero. Many battles await you.

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