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Konami says yes to Ys

Konami Digital Entertainment has today announced that it has obtained the worldwide licensing rights to the latest game in Nihon Falcom Corporation's popular  YS Gold (pronounced "ees") series of role-playing games. YS Gold VI: The Arc of Napishtim was originally released in Japan in September and is currently one of the most popular role-playing games in the country. Under the agreement announced today, Konami plans to enhance the game for release on current-generation consoles toward the end of 2004.


The  YS Gold series first appeared in 1987, and it sees players assuming the role of a hero named Adol Christian. The console versions of Ys VI: The Arc of Napishtim will see players embarking on an adventure set on a desert island, which, thanks to Konami, will feature more maps and missions and be inhabited by more enemies than its predecessors.


We'll bring you more information onYS Online GoldVI: The Arc of Napishtim as soon as it becomes available.

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