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Requiem Bloodymare Review: Definitely Not For Carebears

Requiem: Bloodymare is one of the few MMOs to ever get a mature rating. It immmerses people into a world influenced by failed experiments and wretched science, Requiem is without a doubt one of the goriest MMOs to ever hit the gaming world. Characters may find themselves soaked with the blood of their enemies (as well as their own) as they scurry along the putrid lands. Blood is pretty much the most detailed and eye catching part of the game. I guess its because they're trying to show us that the game is truly for mature audiences only.

Unlike other MMOs, the monsters in the game aren't cute at all. If I must compare, I would say that these creatures look a lot like gremlins, only more evil still. Sometimes when you kill them, they don't stop moving for a few seconds as they slowly die.

Requiem's storyline isn't very deep. Of course, who needs a good storyline when the only thing you'll remember in the end is brainless murder? But there is some story to the game. It basically starts out with the Turans and Bartuks rebelling against their unified kin known as the Xenoan Empire, who was on the verge of rediscovering lost technology. With the aid of the Kruxena race, the Turan/Bartuk alliance were successful in overthrowing their oppressors, forcing them to activate the Thanatos Project. This reckless gamble caused a massive explosion that tore all three races apart, scattering them into different locations.

Now modernized, the three races find themselves in the midst of darkness; with terrible creatures lurking from every corner, ready to obliterate them from the shadows.

This is a story of science being more of an addiction rather than ambition, where the races of Ethargica unravel their untimely demise as the power of science continues to overcome Requiem Lant. Its more like a rather detailed version of 'curiosity killed the cat', creating a world of unspeakable darkness through their humble expectations.

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