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Requiem: Bloodymare is a Free-To-Play and Pay-To-Play darkly themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game created by GRAVITY.


In the Ancient Times, the 8 Original Races left no record of times for our history books, only relics and pictures found in Ruins outside of Ethergia. Of those original races, only 4 have survived to this day.


During the Multi-Race Era, the cultures had kept their own ways, while either working with others or conflicting against them. Eventually, the racial conflicts between Humans and Demihumans led to a monstrous war.


The Nachs, creatures of the night, believed themselves better than the other races and strived for domination. The Xenoa and Turan, of course, fought back. Although the Demihumans dominated at the beginning of the war, the Bartuk (whose appearance looks closer to humans than monsters) abruptly changed sides.


They abandoned their Ohrg and Khuns brothers and joined the Human race, giving the Xenoa and Turan the upper hand. The Eonay, although neutral and hateful of meddling and chaos, took the opportunity to gain power, by tapping the strength of Science Mana during the war.


The Nachs, attempting to turn the war in their favor, created the Kruxena from mixing their breed with the remaining Bartuk on their side. However, when the Natsu touched 'Noxxion' their source of the Luahn Mana¡¦ a horrible mistake occurred, and they ended up locked in a dimensional gap, leaving the Kruxena lost and scattered across the corners of the world. The Humans then easily became victorious, wiping out the Ohrg and Khun, and making apparent peace with the Bartuk. After the war, the Eonay achieved ultimate prosperity with their Science Mana on Exekion and eventually decided to go beyond this dimension and disappeared to unknown places.


In Medieval Times, the Xenoa, Turan, and Bartuk united to form the Holy Xenon Empire. During this time, the Xenoa absorbed what was left of the Eonay's Science Mana and took the Turan and the Bartuk under their domain, forcing every race to serve The God. At this time, the Kruxena still led their own culture, but their existence had become known to the Humans, as there were some who had left to join them. Different political parties arose within the HXE and opened hostilities between them.


The Radical Party (under the leadership of Antius III) took absolute control and proclaimed that studying science was paganism¡¦ and the Dark Era began, in which all magic inherited from the Eonay and the Nachs became prohibited. During the Dark Era, the Xenoa treated the Turan and Bartuk as lower forms of life, resulting in the rebellion known as Bloody Tuesday, in which Bartuk children were massacred in public.


The Kruxena joined the Marze Wars that break out to help their blood clan, the Bartuk. When the Xenoa faced their destruction, they executed the 'Thanatos Project', which involved the forbidden materializing of the Nachs' Luahn Mana and the Science Mana of the Eonays; resulting in an explosive combination, that tore Ethergia's continents apart.

In Modern Times, the few remaining Human survivors took a long time to pull together and start living again on the Continent of Change. During the Segregation Era, the separated settlers formed a City State, which also bore the name of the Holy Xenon Empire. The unstable magic power took civilization backward and caused a decline in the standard of living; as mutated creatures began to appear in the damaged ecosystem. The leader of the Liberal Party became the Priest of the Xenon Order and put all efforts into rebuilding the Order as the greatest religion by trying to fix all the wrongs of the past.


One day, the 'Ioxenic' appeared in Rozen City. They supplied the blueprints for a power station that would use Ion energy; the main source of energy on Ethergia, and the element of the Eonay's Dark Science.

Ioxenic would take civilization to the next level, during the Prosperous Era. With better means to supply energy, it became a household name. Then, another organization appeared.


The 'Guildenstein Merchant Guild' made something possible that wasn't available before, the ability to trade to other continents. And the whole of Ethergia would now be connected by the same destiny. By this time, Ioxenic began studies to develop a 'Temperion' prototype, to supplement the Thanatos¡¦ in secret. The prototypes, code-named 'Naothes' (traveler, adventurer), were placed in the Zudekha Continent to discover the old relics that races like Ohrg and Khun had left there. An Ioxenic researcher, Ilkes, found out about the Order's secrets and used completed Temperions to form the 'Fenrir Canine' and reveal Ioxenic's corruption and hidden conspiracy.


In the Present Time, mutant creatures threaten the existence of mankind. Dark Creatures have also begun to appear mysteriously, during the night. During this Chaotic Era we live in, Ioxenic has announced that they would release their finalized versions of the Temperions, 'Humanoids' that can fight the mutated creatures and evil spirits of the night! Now, Ioxenic is being called the Savior of the World (its only opponents, the Fenrir Canine); and we have started our fight, yet again, for Humanity's existence... are offering cheapest Requiem Lant or Requiem Gold to our clients. Prices slashed 20% off and another Gold offered free with your order. Nowhere else can you find such a great sale! Join us and get your Requiem Lant and Requiem Gold. Keep an eye on our special sale everyday :)


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