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Hardcored Devil May Cry MMORPG Hands-on Review

Eden entreteniment Has made an awesome mmorpg, knowed has LAST ONLINE, its the same wild action as DMC (Devil May Cry), with characters very similar to Dante, Nero & Virgill Style.

Many people are asking me if its that possible, and i will tell us that it is! Finally an MMORPG of the popular game Devil May Cry, With particular Next-Gen systems, like the non-targeting sistem that allows players to make unique combos!, The game was that fast that they gotta make their own engine to support such wild action in an MMO.

The developer announced that it would not reduce any of the content of the game to not diminish the pleasure for the players still do not know your date for the launch in Europe and America. BUT FOR SURE IT WILL BE RELEASED.

And as a Devil May Cry MMORPG, it has flash and stunning atacks!

The game Last Online have many classes & are not gender locked.

LAST Online screenshot

Also the game as a lot of missions to complete as Devil May Cry game, with lots of ranks from (F to SSS).

This game will not be another common MMORPG, It will be a revolution for some gammers, i mean, everyone has wait for the day to play Devil May Cry with other players and show the Last Online Gold you are killing Demons in the 100:100 Mode!

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