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Cabal Guide Blazin HOT New Items

Hello customers, welcome to our website! thanks to the loyal and new customers for supporting us all the time, we will devote all our efforts to returning. By the way, this Cabal guide was taken from other site, Hope you like.

After challenging voyage, the Sirius returned to the land of Nevareth bringing with him three special souvenirs from the mystical ruins of the Lake in Dusk.

Epaulet chaos boxs: Get a chance to acquire periodical +7 and +8 EPAULETS just by purchasing chaos boxes! CABALists can have an option to earn an Epaulet of Guardian(cabal alz), Sage or Fighter. An epaulet costs 500 EP, but you can get more bang for your bucks by purchasing the bundled box containing 3 chaos boxes for only 1200EP!

BUFF Potions: Increase your character's stats through the use of Blessed buff potions extracted and preserved by the guardians of the Sages'laboratory. Various buff potions are now available in your CASH Shop! BUFF Potions are available for the very low price of 10EP(cabal gold).

Pet Safety Kit: For just 40EP, this safety kit allows users to extract and transfer learned pet skills into another pet card using the special pet gem. The Anima Gem shall serve as the container of your pet skills. So what are you waiting for? Head to CABAL Online's cash shop now and get these new items(buy alz) while they’re still hot!


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