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Maplestory: Standard FA-less Build

Maplestory: Booster and Soul Arrow are two skills that supplies buffs to bowmen. This should not be a priority skill in maxation order due to the fact that duration is the least effective of all 2nd job skills. If a bowmen has the points to max both skills then they should be maxed near the end or around the end of 2nd job in game(maple story mesos). If a person does not have the points to max them they should Syc the two skills together. The most effective SP points for Syncage is: (5 Soul Arrow, 15 Booster) , (6 Soul Arrow, 18 Booster) , or (7 Soul Arrow, 20 Booster). For Syncage Soul Arrow should not exceed 7 SP.

4. Final Attack- see What makes 2nd job skill builds vastly different in the 2nd job section(maplestory mesos).

5. Focus and Blessing- see Explanation of Build for Standard 1st Job Build.

6. Hawk/Eagle is a summon that requires the use of a summon rock(maple story mesos), which price ranges from 5000-6500 mesos. This skill when max has a 99% chance of stunning a monster along with dealing a moderate amount of damage to the monster that is attacked. Hawk/Eagle is one of the few support skills that has multiple effects. Because Hawk/Eagle will attack any monster that is within its range, and can cease a monster from attacking any player through stun or death, this skill can be considered the closest thing a bowmen has to a party skill until 4th job. Hawk/Eagle needs to be at level 15 in order to unlock 4th job skill Phoenix/Freezer. We provide Maplestory powerleveling for you.You can buy maple story mesos.


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