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Cabal Gold Add DMG or ATK Power

Hello Cabal customers, so it's a pleasure to see Cabal Gold. And we will do our best to offer customers the best service and safe delivery.


Bloody Spirit is right around 400 attack power? And the kind of atrocity is to add 400 damage and what is the difference between the two? Is better than others?


Attack gives a bonus (or Cabal Gold) attacks, which have a total amplifier is again in injury time, giving you your points base damage. This determines how hard to hit, with monster or dmg character.Add. separated from the DMG should be clean (ie when you hit 1k per player will begin to 1.4k per player (up 100add dmg in PvP reduced), which is particularly useful for BLS BM2 super fast with their attacks.

Final note: While crits can cause seizures to be more useful as a DMG, DMG added, such as losses from the Base Cabal Gold / crits determined.1 attack is add 5 dmg per skill used.


Common misconception about AOF BL BM2 is the possibility of adding up to 400 damage to each of the 7 hits, just adds damage to each of four rounds. Theres 4 Blader and most other melee classes. Thus, the first hit is rapier you can take added that 180 of the damage and Cabal Alz the second to 220, up to 400 for the first cycle. There are so quick and powerful that many people seem to think they are.

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