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A Bard in Ragnarok

This career was born in ancient Greece in Ragnarok, the first knight isn't ride a horse, but to those who rode in the cavalry, and later in war, Greece on horses and knights will play on the battlefield, but unexpectedly won the success, the rulers of the time he started first trained knights dolly grams.

Chivalry is product of feudal system in Western Europe(ro zeny), Western Europe yielded to carry on war and the needs of the people and raise the knight, many small landlords, mainly from knights of the lords house, and later became rich peasants were unique knight. It is the bottom layer feudals class level.

The 12th century, Western Europe, enhance the knight appear very strict training, the paladin will solemn consciousness, to officially became a knight. As a loyal knight must abide by ", to teach and man ". Knight must take life is more important than the honor, he should not only loyal service for the director, loyalty and protection of goodwife, all this form of so-called "knight spirit" in game(ragnarok zeny).


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