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Story of Ragnarok Online

Here is a summary of Ragnarok Online Story for you to know much about the game. As a player, sometimes you may need RO Gold, the price is low. After gruesome and long war between God, Humans, and Demons... Scarred during the dangerous moments in battle, and avoiding total destruction altogether, the Humans, Demons and God entered a long truce The 1000 years of fragile and forged peace...

In the land of Midgard, the existence of peace eventually led the humans to wipe out their memories of the scars and hardships of the wars (ragnarok zeny)in the past. Not remembering the faults of the past, culture was spreading throughout the land along with selfishness, arrogance and corruption. Then strange occurrences started happening one day, breaking the balance that once existed in Midgard. There came a strange howl from the boundaries that divided the humans, God, and demons; creatures began attacking; increasing earthquakes and hail - and the mysterious legend of demons. As the fragile peace started to fall apart, stories about the Ymir parts, protecting the peace, began to spread among the adventurers. Forgetting the true nature of it, people set out to search for each of the pieces for their own selfishness, and the wealth that would come with it. The story is over, hope it could help you more or less(ro zeny).


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