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Useful Pet Information Of Rappelz

If you have a 150 pet in Rappelz, you would have to kill 150 mobs for exp. Make it that way and dungeon parties wouldn't be necessary to anymore, could get alts to r6 farming on a r7 char quite easily. Gotta admit that he didn't really think of that case. By the way, you can get the cheapest Rappelz Rupees here if you need.

But still, one dungeon mob offers more exp than R5 mobs from moonlight(rappelz rupees), therefore he'll expect even R7 champs would have trouble keeping up with the exp that moonlight can provide.

By the way, don't try to bring in marketing as a concern. This idea would benefit them in fact, because it makes leveling the new overpowered pets less(rappelz gold) efficient when the character is unable to fight similar level mobs alone with the new pet. With lower efficiency of the use of SS and AC, more would have to get used to gainning the same result as right now. Also, having the option to level the pet on a non-pet class, and others might encourage some people to try to level(Rappelz Powerleveling) them on a non-pet class, which will always be less efficient than a pet class due to creature breeding passives(rappelz rupee).


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