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Tibia the same team of professional employees

Now, you will only make people in violation of the provisions of the report. So you must often decide who is you must report, if you encounter several violation. In the future, you will be less restricted some reports, you can do. However, avoid spam violates rules that reported, you can open must limit.

Further, you will reach the report in violation of the regulations of our customer support team. Now, your internal report disappears, Tibia Gold if you out. In the future, you will still exist, even if you leave. You can tell you successfully submitted a report, you will be notified when your report.

Our customer support team will survey the background, considering each violates rules to ensure that all of the punishment is fair.

If a player should never think he was treated unfairly, he Tibia Gold would complain like professional staff will handle complaints as soon as possible.

In our view, will become a private matter, in order to avoid any lynch legal built-in. Only in exile, customer support team players can see details and Buy Tibia Gold discussing.

Rules, it is not difficult to understand, that should be eliminated. For example, in many of you have told us, it is difficult to know all of the game's faults, if you are a beginner. So we're going to eliminate all game weakness. No player should be punished, it can use the built-in on technology instead of is considered to be a mistake.

All these changes will discuss the interpretation of the rules Tibia Gold  unnecessary. As a player, you should report only when you feel another player he or she rules. Our customer support team decide to specific context, always consider is against the rules. According to the serious violations of rules, there should be more severe or leniency.

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