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Tales of Pirates Seal Master Class Video Released

Tales of Pirates 2 showcasing the Seal Master class.Tales of Pirates 2 Gold) the game makes it always interesting and fresh for newbie and veteran players alike.


Tale of Pirates II: Get Some New Dream City Gear

Tales of Pirates 2 is making waves with the Dream City expansion. Player pirates have been sinking their hooks into all the swashbuckling new content, including PvP-enabled isles and thrilling quests...


Tales of Pirates 2: The Great Migration

Tales of Pirates 2). Its nice to know that all of the hard work that the players had put in into Tales of Pirates 1. Kudos to IGG for making this possible, it was a hard and long journey for their com..


Tales of Pirates 2: Save the Damsel from the Dragons

Tales of Pirates 2, the infamous Black Dragons are formidable foes fueled by greed. Three Black Dragon brothers are convinced that consuming Princess Meatballs will grant them the power to take over t..


Tales of Pirates: New Grand Line Region

Tales of Pirates Team will be launching another totally new and HUGE region for all players called Grand Line. This new server is scheduled to officially launch on November 18th at 4 PM EST (GMT-5). G..


Tales of Pirates 2 Preview

Tales of Pirates 2 will receive a massive overhaul with IGGs latest technology, meaning more freedom of movement, sharper details, and a slew of new systems and features.Tales of Pirates 2 will be set..


Tales of Pirates A guide to true SealMastery

Tales of PiratesBeing a SealMaster means you can pick and choose who you party with. As a SealMaster you carry your own firepower, and your own ability to heal. Not to mention all the cool spells that..


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