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Silk Road Online News
Silkroad Online : Daily In-Game Events

Silkroad Online GMs. Events include games such as Find the GM where GMs hides in a given zone an its up to players to find them.Silk Road Gold all year round. Joymax is also looking to continually sup..


Winter Arrives in Silkroad Online

Silk Road Gold. From December 15 to January 12, 2010, players can take on snowy enemies in the Winter Story Event, reminisce about the past as part of the Goodbye 2009 Event, and try their luck in the..


Silkroad Guide for The Validity of New GMs

Silk Road Gold, we sincerely hope it can help you more or less. Wish you have a good day!Silk Road Goldso on. GM gave him a warning, than was like. And the guy vanished.Silk Road Goldhope you do not h..


Silk Road

Around the time of the Han Dynasty, from 200 B.C. to around 8 A.D., an overland trade route from the Mediterranean Sea to China developed called the Silk Road. This 4,000 mile (6,000 KM) route ran fro..


Silkroad Online Overview and Recent Content

Long ago, an interconnected series of routes now extending over 5,000 miles were put in place through Southern Asia, linking China with Turkey, Asia Minor and other points, its influence carrying over..


Silk Road Online Client description

The road that Janggeon had exploited was called SilkRoad by the posterity.It was crowded by people including adventurers which mooned over the new world and heroes who contrived the territorial expans..


Silk Road Caping Guide

It is important that you create a brand new character for bot poaching unless you already have a character that can survive Rok Mountain because when you die you will not have to worry about losing ex..


Silkroad Online Trade Information

Silkroad Online, hope you like it.Quest - Deliver an item to the Storekeeper on Donwhang and kill 20 Hyeongcheons.It is located inside the valley of the main Black Robber Strongold, go down the Southe..


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