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Iris Online Wood Garden Dungeon Guide

Iris is a MMORPG blending medieval fantasy element and Gypsy ethnic group style. It offers dungeon and PVP gameplay In Iris, there are three races available for selection, Human, Orc and Elf. Another selling point of Iris is Tarot Card originated from the Middle Age Italy. There are totally 78 cards. 22 are Major Arcana and 56 are Minor Arcana. Using these cards, players can enhance skills, transform into monsters, etc. They can even attach Tarot cards on their weapons to gain special abilities.

As you guys know Iris Online has got the Taiwan version before English one, so here I just translated a Wood Garden dungeon guide for you! Hope this will help you in the expansion.

Wood Garden Dungeon has numerous monsters tending to launch ranged and AOE attacks, and special pillars. If you want to conquer the dungeon more Iris Online Gold, you'd better team up with more than 2 ranged DPSers. The ideal team should have a gunner and a mage. If the average level of your team is below 45, you should add two healers for the sake of safety, a sage and a priest are best, or two priests, or one Level 50 healer with more than 10,000 HP and good skills. Sages are not indispensable, for priests can also play the same role, but they will be tired in this way. It is not suggested that players confine to a certain class or level. If only team members have a perfect mutual understanding and willing to help each other, the team will be the strongest.

Tanks are advised to have over 11,000 HP, which is almost enough to resist the boss' ultimate skill for twice. Because if tanks are wiped out by the boss instantly, priests will be of no Iris Gold help, no matter how strong they are. The bosses in Wood Garden Dungeon have characteristic attack skills. Players must dodge, otherwise, they will lose their lives in a second if they don't have high HP.


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