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First Impressions - Maestia (Guest Post)

I had a spare beta code key to give away, and the recipient of that code key has sent me a great write-up of the game. Here it is:I`ve played a Ranger [ Dual-Daggers ] up to level 20. I did try the other Classes but only got up to lvl 10 so far , (Maestia)so I cant really comment on those.

First things first , I am very impressed by the Game.

Graphics: They are overall good , characters are well animated , but the Trees look like they are made of Paper. That makes them look so out-of-place sometimes its not even funny.[ P.S. I do have the Game all Maxed Out ]

Characters: The Customization Options at the beginning are pretty slim. You have the option of around 4 Faces , 6-7 Hair Styles , 3 Tattoos , color option for Hair and Skin and last Height and Weight. However you cannot customize your Body Parts individually which is kinda bad , because the Head of almost all Classes seems to be so much smaller then the Body they are attached to.

Skills: Each Classes has a good variety of skills , though in the beginning you only have 1 , around lvl 10 or so you end up with quite a decent number of Skills. I could easily say that , that`s the point when you can actually see what your Class is capable of.

There are 5 Main Attributes : Constitution , Strength , Dexterity , Intelligence and Wisdom. What each does is pretty much self-explanatory . I do hove to say though that when you do put in your 5 Stat Points that you get each level , you are actually shown the Effect they will have on your Character before you hit the Confirm button. That way you can play around with the Stats and make sure you are getting what you want out of them.

Starting with Level 25 you get 1 Talent Point each level. Each Class has 2 Paths based on your Weapon. Both Trees are huge and both culminate in a very powerful Skill. [ available around lvl 74 I think :P ]

As you lvl you unlock Maestone Skills slots. [ 3 Active and 6 Passive , though 2 of the Passives can only be unlocked through the Cash Shop ] The easiest way to explain the Maestone Skills would be to tell you that they are exactly like the Stigma Skills in AION.[ its a direct copy more or less , (Maestia gold)hell even most of the Class Skills are "called , animated " the same as AION ]

Items: If you are a Warrior , you will ONLY get Warrior drops. Items with extra Stats are Seal when you get them as drops. In order to unseal them , you have to go to a Altar in Town. Upon unsealing , the item receives a random number/value of Stats. The better the Item quality , the higher and the more Stats there are on it. The look of the items is sometimes Random too. You might find a lvl 8 Sword that looks completely different to the lvl 8 Sword you are wearing.

Crafting: Upon completing a set of 7 quests at lvl 16 you can starts Crafting. There are Shops in town which sell recipes for everything. I haven`t crafted much yet , so I cant tell you more.

Questing: 70% of your Quests come from the "Prayer" System. Starting with lvl 2 you can hit Z and your Character will Pray to the Gods. A messenger comes down and you can pick up Quests from him. When you finish the Quest , you hit Z again and simply trade it in. This can be done anywhere in the Game World as long as you are not in combat. There is a good amount of Quests , though they are all Kill X get Y. Good thing is they never ask for high numbers of Mobs/Items. [ 8 was highest Kill and 7 was highest Gathering Quest ]

Divine System: There are 2 major ways of getting Divine Points. One is to go next to the Altar I mentioned before and Praying there. For every 1 spent Praying , you get a Stone which provides you with a random number of DP [ 50-250 ]. The second option is to Kill mobs in Instances/Dungeons. Killing a Mob around your lvl grants 2 Points ,(Maestia gold) while killing an inferior Mob only grants 1 Point.

You can use these points to Increase your Military Rank [ which opens up new Features the higher you are ] , you can buy so called " Divine Tears " which upon using grant you a random item. [ from potions up to Purple Gear ]. You can also use these points so buy so called Maestone Passive Skills.

Experience/Drops: EXP Rate and Drop Rate is just perfect. Killing Mobs your own lvl provides very good EXP and Drops. However due to the Random nature of the Stats on Items , you might need to Hunt for a longer time until you get that Perfect Piece.

Dungeons: They come in 2 difficulties , Normal and Expert. Normal is pretty much soloable with Potions and patience. Expert requires a Party though.

Combat: Once you start getting more Skills [ lvl 10+ ] combat becomes very fast paced. Good Skill Animations and very fluid.

I guess that is all I have to say about the Game so far.

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