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Silkroad Online Overview and Recent Content

Long ago, an interconnected series of routes now extending over 5,000 miles were put in place through Southern Asia, linking China with Turkey, Asia Minor and other points, its influence carrying over into Japan and Korea. Trade these routes were significant not only for the development and blossoming of the great civilizations of China, ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, India and Rome, but also helped to lay the foundation of the modern world. These routes of monumental historical importance are known collectively as the Silk Road and are heavily in use to this day. Relive this pivotal point in time and find your own fortune along the Silk Road.

Silk Road Gold is a historic/fantasy MMORPG based on the history of China along the famous Silk Road. In this MMO, the Silk Road is carefully reproduced, but in a much smaller scale. Elements of fantasy gaming such as the use of special magical skills and abilities are also integrated. Character creation involves choosing a name, appearance, starting clothing type, and starting weapon. New equipment can be bought from NPC vendors or player-run stalls, with the later tending to have far superior goods. Also, special items can be bought via the Silk Road Gold official website’s Item Mall using real-world money.

Completing quests and Silk Road Gold killing monsters will yield experience points used to increase skills and levels. Not until level 20 can a player choose a job (merchant, hunter or thief) for their character, though characters can switch between the three jobs at any time with a loss of some job experience points. Job experience points can be used to enhance a particular job and SilkRoad Gold are gained when a character uses their current job on another player’s opposing job. For instance, when a merchant sells to a hunter, when a hunter kills a thief, or when a thief steals from a merchant.

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