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Warden Guide for Phoenix Dynasty

Want to master the new Warden class fast? Want to get your Warden to level 60 within a few days? Find out how you can do just that with the Phoenix Dynasty Warden guide by your side! Get ready to uncover every secret strategy and tactic to molding a Warden with the best build and equipment set that can only be the envy of over other player.

Think you're already on top of that? How about questing? Gold making? Leveling? PvP Strategies? Let the Phoenix Dynasty gold Warden guide be your handbook to beating up foes over and over again while making heaps of gold and completing class quest one after another in a blink of an eye.

Highlights of the Phoenix Dynasty gold Warden Guide:
Step-by-step leveling guide to get you from level 1 to 60 quickly and efficiently

Detailed look into the gambit system covering spear gambits, shield gambits, fist gambits and everything else you need to know about them
In-dept description and explanation of Warden skills and traits including traits for fellowship play and solo play so you can make informed character decisions early on

Quest walkthroughs from introductory quest to the epic quest line and Warden's level 50 class quests to get you through all of them faster than you can ever imagine
Discover gold making strategies including the basic skills every Warden must know for gathering and making items for more and more gold

The absolute insiders' battle strategies shared by the elites for both solo and group play as well as raiding strategies as off-tank and as secondary-DPS
Detailed Leveling Guide: Getting sick and tired of gathering measly experience while leveling up your Warden? Discover the complete how-to to level-up the new Phoenix Dynasty gold Warden class in no longer than a few days.

The Phoenix Dynasty gold Warden guide offers an optimized and proven leveling up path for every level. It doesn't matter if you're already half way through or just beginning, double your leveling speed using the leveling guide featured and proudly surpass your friends and foes to level 60!


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