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A couple of powersets which don’t have energy beams or force fields to recolor (Martial Arts and Super Strength) will be getting alternate animations, meaning there’s something for just about everyone when it comes to power customization.

Some may think I’d be stretching the idea of customization too far if I included the Going Rogue expansion pack as yet another example of City of Heroes’ ongoing efforts to allow players to make characters the way they want them to be(CoH Influence). I disagree.

CoH Influence: Going Rogue will be the first paid expansion since City of Villains in 2005, and will finally let heroes fall from grace and become bad guys, and villains see the light and become good guys. If you’ve ever wanted to play a Mastermind in Paragon City or a Scrapper in the Rogue Isles, your wish will come true with Going Rogue(City of Heroes influence).

Not content to let its original status as “the only superhero MMORPG” define it, City of Heroes leads the way in terms of character customization. This should position them well for the fight among superhero MMORPGs that is about to take place.


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