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Phoenix Dynasty Online Review: Explosive Combat 1

Phoenix Dynasty Online (PDO) is a bright and flashy oriental-themed MMORPG. The game is blessed with a remarkable set of spells and effects, not to mention in game action unlike anything you've ever seen before. There's no doubt that combat is much more enjoyable with a handful of explosions, in which case this game won't disappoint you. After browsing through player videos and montages, I was actually eager to give it a try. Explosive combat, colorful auras, I wonder.


As usual, every MMO starts with you creating your online persona. The process is tad simple, and the game doesn't give you that much options for character customization. Despite the lack of faces however, the game does provide a set action-packed skills which will be discussed as we progress throughout this review. The game lets you pick between four distinct classes, namely: The Assassin (a rather physical long-ranged unit), the Paladin (your handy dandy tank), the Priest (Healer), and of course the traditional Wizard (Nuker and long ranged spell caster). The lack of classes may not bother you, considering the fact that character enhancements such as second jobs and cross-classing are implemented in the middle of each MMO. Well, you can kiss your second job dreams goodbye for this game doesn't cater that type of game play. You're basically stuck with your class whom you must tweak and upgrade to perfection (will soon be discussed) to further compliment your playstyle.


The game has an intense combat system that's flashy enough to get any MMO gamer's attention. Things like energy waves and elemental spells are rendered to perfection in this game. One of the biggest gripes I've had against this game is its complete lack of players. Yeah, you'll find some lurking around the place, but the game is missing the idea of the first "M" in "MMO" (Massively if I still need to explain it). The game is called Phoenix Dynasty, and yet I've never seen a Phoenix Dynasty gold population of one. The game would be much enjoyable if only there were living organisms that inhabits the place. Phoenix Dynasty gold is a good MMORPG gone to waste. Although the game lacks a player base, it's still not reason enough to dismiss it as something unplayable and dull. The game has a lot of interesting features with an intense system to match.


What really captured my heart is the game's combat system. Who could ever resist blowing up your opponents by casting a tremendous amount of spells? The game really takes mobbing to the next level, as it lets you overcome a long array of monsters as you progress through the game. Mob after mob, you'll soon learn that there's a reason behind why you were given a long line of spells/skills. Once you start fighting, getting away would always be a chore as monsters tend to appear one after another.


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