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Scions of Fate Interview: GM Vampire Sleep Schedules 1

Scions of Fate is one of those rare 3D F2P mmos that has survived the transition of an MMO that was once exclusive for a country. The game has steadily earned itself a solid fanbase and has been up to this day running well.

We here on Onrpg were given a chance to look see what's going on behind closed doors in one of the most seriously hilarious F2P mmo out on the market. We got to ask what were the game's roots and even got to talk about the new class and what's in store for the game.

OnRPG: It has been a while since you released the game, how's Scions of Fate faring nowadays?
Park: It's going fine. In fact, we are preparing a whole new system for Scions of Fate Gold that serves a huge step for the game.
GooL: We are mainly concentrated on catching up with the Korean version of Scions of Fate, which is known as Yulgang. Currently, there is about a 3~6 month gap between the Korean version and US version so we are trying to get the right features for our server and include some of the things that the US players really want.

OnRPG: During your operations, what was the biggest problem you faced? How did you solve the problem?
GooL: There were two big issues, one was hacking issues and another was localization. To prevent hacking issues as best as we can we are continuously updating security programs and also redesigning account editing features. Also, we are going to implement a service which, once a hacker is spotted, they will not be able to create another account with fake information. Another big problem we faced during the game operation was localization. Localizing a game is usually performed by publishers by targeting one culture (a country). For example, Japan, China, etc., but the United States does not have a solid visible culture. The United States is pretty much like a smaller version of whole world. So these days, we are just trying to implement fun features that everybody may enjoy. US version is not really only for the US, so we are targeting a global market. Oh, one more! Time differences between the United States and Korea, it makes a GMs sleep schedule like a vampires

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