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Ghost Online Review: Ghosts, Spirits and Souls? 2

The character creation of the game is quite disappointing. You will be able to choose between a few faces and hairstyles, which means that you will see many clones of yourself ingame. The movement is another annoying part of the Ghost Online. You walk incredibly slow and running consumes SP, which will lead to a lack of SP through the whole game.

The Soul System makes up for all the negative parts of the game. It is a great and original feature of the game which allows you to absorb the souls of dead opponents. You can do this by holding Ctrl after defeating an enemy. There are four different soul categories. Let me explain them briefly;

Red Soul – The Red Souls will increase your Rage Points ingame. These Rage Points can be used to activate the Rage skill which basically makes you stronger for a while.

Blue Soul – The Blue Souls restore 20% of your SP after absorbing them.

Purple Soul – The Purple Souls will increase your Seal Equipment points. These Seal Equipment points can be used to upgrade your equipment.

Green Soul – The Green Souls restore 40% of your SP after absorbing them.

The combat of Ghost Gen is very action based; You have to take your enemy out as fast as you can while keeping yourself alive and consuming the soul of the enemy. The only negative part of the combat is that the game doesn’t really have any kind of combos or special battle attacks.
The classes of the game might not look really unique, but Ghost Online’s class system is actually pretty unique. First of all, you will start out as a Novice. Novices lack power and they level incredibly slow. You might feel like quitting before reaching level 10, because of the endless grind as a Novice.

When you reach level 10, you will be able to choose between four classes; Mage, Champion, Warrior and Assassin. After reaching level 40, you will be able to choose a Faction; Order or Chaos. This will affect your character and change it completely. After choosing a faction, you will be able to gain your next promotion and after this second promotion is complete, you will be able to rebirth when you reach level 110. This sounds very complicated, so let me explain it for each class:

Warrior: After reaching level 10, you will be able to become a warrior. The warriors in Ghost Gen mainly use swords and blades to fight. They are physically strong, but they are weak against magical attacks. When a warrior reaches level 40, he will be able to choose a side; Order or Chaos?

If a warrior picks Order, he will become a Blade Master. If he decides to pick Chaos, he will become a Destroyer. When a Blade Master or Destroyer reaches level 110, he will be able to rebirth to become even stronger!

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