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Jiuyou Wang signing "Florensia"

October 2007, the domestic online game industry, one of the leading Jiuyou Wang ( headquarters in Shanghai, announced the formal signing of the Japanese NETTS Corp acquired the company from its South Korean Nettime Soft R & D of a new generation of land and sea adventures Q version of 3DMMORPG online game "Florensia" In mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao exclusive rights to operate.
"Florensia" South Korea's large-scale R & D NetTimeSoft landmark new work the land and sea adventure online games Florensia Gold, blending the great sailing ships of the 15th century historical background and the fantasy elements, is a stage of world land and sea adventures for the Q version of 3DMMORPG online games Florensia Gold. Adventure team in the land, driving the vessel at sea voyage, change the appearance and function of vessels that can hold a vessel other players to explore undeveloped areas, to open up new routes to carry out an exciting sea battle Florensia Gold. "Florensia" created a new world of fantasy, and to provide people with the unknown world in the new world to explore and adventure opportunities,
Splendid 3D graphics can be several in recent years, comparable to the top 3DMMORPG masterpiece, and in the rich story of the game Florensia Gold, regardless of individual risk-taking, or team up adventure, can make you a taste of adventure on land and at sea the dual experience, to enjoy the full new and distinctive charm 3DMMORPG online games, it is learned, "Florensia" is currently the second Neice hot in Japan, a limited collection of 30000 luckiest players involved in testing, and in October will open beta in Korea because of the game outstanding performance, "Flore
nsia "organized by the Department in the Han Guowen wide selection of outstanding activities in the game won the best game prize Florensia Money. Japan NETTS Corp headquarters to a subsidiary of South Korea NetTimeSoft R & D capabilities based outreach strategy to build online games, the team also had some of the elite "RF" and "Sword of Excellence" held important positions, September 5, 2007, South Korea and Germany NetTimeSoft Company The gaming agency Burda: ic signed a license agreement Florensia Money, reached "Florensia" in Europe, 37 countries, operating plan, and is expected to start in the first half of 2008. NETTS Corp, said: We are extremely heavy
As Asia, especially the Chinese market, China's online game market has taken the lead in the forefront of the world, selecting Jiuyou Wang as operators in China after careful consideration, Jiuyou Wang in China's online game operating results and experiences for all to see, We will work with Jiuyou Wang worked closely together Florensia Money, so that the game fine under this section as soon as presented to the Chinese customers.

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