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Florensia: All-New Trade System

Burda:ic, a publisher of online games worldwide, has announced the launch of the Trade System for free-to-play maritime MMORPG Florensia Gold. Players looking to make a profit on the high seas can now try their hand at the mercantile arts by visiting one of the Trading Posts, which have popped up on every major island. In addition, eight brand-new islands have been discovered along the trade routes: Aria, Celestyn, Clouds, Ease, Eva, Gem, Misty, and Selina.

The owner of each Trading Post carries a variety of items, including olive oil, rum, spice, and millet. Up to three kinds of goods can be carried at a time, and prices vary according to supply and Florensia Gold demand across the market. Stingy players will have to risk taking a loss as they transport wares, but savvy traders can pay a small fee to get insider info. If you make good time sailing to an island where rum and spices are being sold at a premium, you’re sure to make a killing in the marketplace.

Of course, with all this potential profit comes significant risk. The soon-to-be-busy trade routes of Florensia Gold are an open invitation to pirates, and players may no longer respawn at sea, so every trip is sure to be fraught with danger. This is also just the first stage of the Trade System, and Florensia Gold the plethora of updates to come is guaranteed to raise the stakes!

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