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Taste the salt on your lips while a gentle breeze from the seaside fondles your heated face. Are you ready to explore a whole new world and the vast ocean? You feel how the magic flows through you and yes; you are ready to meet every challenge. The peace in Florensia Gold  is fragile and you need your friends as well as strong allies to fight against sinister monsters on shore and at sea. Train your skills, experience thrilling trips through the countryside, load the cannons and hire a skilful crew to explore the ocean. Get ready for Florensia Gold!

Florensia Gold is a completely free-to-play next-gen Massively Multiplayer
Online Game from Japan
Free updates and high-quality features will be added to the game in regular
Various detailed tutorials will guide you through the first steps in the game
The dynamic and elaborate interface allows you to easily access all functions and in-game help files
The unique dual battle system allows you to increase land and sea level
at your own choice
Create up to five characters on each server and develop your personal playing style
Choose among the four basic classes Explorer, Mercenary, Noble, Saint -
soon you will even be able to play 12 different, including extended classes
Build your own ship - five different ship types consisting of many different parts
are available

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