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Useful guide for playing well the game

It is probably one of the most spectacular things about this build is it’s power in pvp. 

Pre pvp: Always do insensibility before every pvp. That means you can cancel and cast it then send or ask for another request if you have a request sent.
Pre pvp: Insensibility, then while match countdown begins: Attack acceleration and wind rush.

Segs: These are easy. At 105 you can take a 120 Dragon Nest Gold if good enough.

Next we will provide some guides about ptand single buff given by nemhauser, hope you like it.

1. In pve guard is superior to block. You will notice that a guard will break my skill but most of the Dragonnest Gold(like 95+%) the guard only decreases damage taken without stopping your actions once in a while .

2. In fact, Buffs increase guard rate, not block rate. The only mention of blocking is on 2moons mmo site but even then in its description says that it increases guard rate of party members. Here you can get Dragonnest Gold.

If you have a hight block rate and you can go to crespo dungeon - having 40 zombies on you might be very dangerous - not because each hit for ~40 damage but rather because there are so many attacks that blocking happens almost in every second and you can’t use skill or move.

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