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Expensive WonderKing Training

Hello friends, have a good hunting in WonderKing!

This article will introduce Expensive WonderKing Training information. If you want to know some relevant information, please read the following information and enjoy your wonderking zed.

in the game, Syrup and Flour drops from every mob, but training ninja (after def fix) rarely spends more than 150 pots per hour, maybe the guys are training in tougher places, while you want to train in harder areas you got to manage the pot burning side, same goes for everything, you train on places around your level, did your lvling slowed down, but you are getting a nice profit in backpack, if you would like to lvl high you spend highly.

You should realize this is just a small step into balance, and that the skill/stat reset feature will allow players to adapt to any change now and later. Leading there will probably be this same type of problem many times with pve then even more with pvp. Economics plays a huge role in the number of active accounts.there was a post earlier with someone telling everyone he understands economics and the ones who don't are the ones complaining which is probably something he just typed without thinking because while hoarding was solved back in the day with osi.the other problems aren't.

The design on all mmo since ultima online/everquest focuses heavy on macroeconomics rules with closed resource flow, supply to npc and drain rules, and it comes at an expense of microeconomic development. Even the player scripting community, which is always more up to date than official, has little emphasis on alternative price determination. It is still determined on simulation instead of real world mechanics. The arguement that auctions proves false. Because neither the algorithm nor marketplace takes into count pve/pvp balancing and character development.

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