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Using stones and skills well

12sky Gold in the game plays an important part when players want to get better things, because now only use it than can settle problem. For example, experience is the center when face enemy, and now players need use some skills to work out tasks. If you do not have enough money, you will be killed in the fighting. Let me talk about the experience of enhancing, and I think this is indispensable and interesting for the player.

This enhanced experience can improve ninety percent ability, this way can finish duty clearly, and our players can avoid many problems. If players are out of online, or killed, even losing heart in the game is simple, the worst is that they maybe drop this game. keeping calm is important, I think players in the game must face fighting, no one can avoid, but safe is the center now, whichever you win or not. Anyway, I was wearing a set of thirty three A of the transport equipment in future we have a habit and then later added a secret little withdrew. When combined with online under the secret, and then enhanced(12sky gold).

If you want to strengthen to ninety to ensure that there are enough stones, and you are not enough to grab half of the generally difficult buy on. Generally speaking, more points are to the sixty, after the success of the last twelve. After the success of non drug continue to strength, the small back the next. On the line longer a secret, and then on nine stone has become the last words. If you fail then eighty one, then you can only say that luck is not very good. Eight one failed, went to seventy eight. You are to withdraw online with a small secret. Twelve directly on the stone if it fails a drug can not be enhanced over time to come off. But most I have on ninety.

I feel very good on ninety of one hundred would be a bit more difficult. However, there is something like ninety on the one hundred, and I suggest that china directly on the stone twelve.

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