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How do healers heal

Welcome to 12sky , hope you will enjoy Vanguard of 12sky gold a whole lot better .

Almost every class has buffs even non-healer base classes.

Today I will introduce useful leveling guide in 12sky goldto you that I got it from other website, hope you like it, here we go:

Frist, you should divide the mobs in the list according to map. So we know when we have to switch map and not look helplessly around for mobs.

Sceond, you can follow her guide and leveled very quickly, but you should have a few problems regarding armor, your guide suggests killing mobs up to20 levels(12sky gold) higher, maybe you should add another information as towards mob levels so we know which mobs to kill for certain armor.   

First part, for fujin because I do not remember any of the Guanyin or Jinong Maps and what monsters are in it.

Second part, it's not the armor or level of the monster that is the problem. they are Suppose to be able to kill you in 2-4 hits. hp pills are very cheap, and I recommend you spend as much till you hit 50, then keep leveling and trying to win Samji battles for money(12sky gold). 1-2 ticket will b enough to give back what ever you have spent getting to your level, yes I know it may be hard to win Samji Island RvR battles but it's the absolute fastest way, and it's not like you'll lose every Samji battle you go to.

 Clerics have the best buffs, but they are expected to melee and heal and usually at the same time.

 Each type Shaman has different unique buffs and the Phoenix Shaman is more healer=nuker with Bear being tank>healer and Wolf in the middle - I couldn't commit to one form, so I didn't pick a shaman to play. . . Maybe someone who has played all 3 can give you their thoughts.

 Bloodmages are excellent healers and are sort of like a DAoC Necro but they can heal instead of having incredible ABS. BM's get crazy good HoTs and nukes that heal our defensive target .

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