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In that era have been forgotten, destroyed countless lives of several hundred years ago, a Mojiao and 12sky gold upright after the war, one of China into chaos, numerous experts on this Yun life, but only earned lose-lose situation……

Perhaps, God have mercy on these final Baojingfengshuang subjects, in the dark over a hundred years after a teenage boy Caijun emerged. He single-handedly to officially Ao of the Wulin fencing laugh. Yima in the light of Xiaoyi, quack on the factions to heel in his masters in succession. Thus, all immersed in the starting order of the reconstruction. All this while the founder, who do not know the origin of juvenile Cai Jun, known as "days Lin Jian Xia", as the two factions are demons Gongzhu!

And  12sky gold in the political arena soon after the return to order, Lin Jian Xia days it disappeared. He was in the day, people in the political arena to mark his contribution, his deeds will be recorded in history books, and  12sky gold that year, was officially named Lin calendar days for the first year.

When people for the stable and  12sky gold orderly am pleased that the political arena, Lin Jian Xia days left in Jianjue questions, gradually become many people dreamed of Wulin Zhibao. Originally calm the turbulent political arena All of a sudden change, constant friction in all factions, the various doors were blinded by greed Chunchunyudong, the more political arena of crisis! Several hundred years before the war is the devil will repeat itself » Lin Jian Xia days whether it will once again save the political arena distress » All these answers, you will be announced

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