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Star Wars Galaxies Offline Tools for Faster Levelling

There are three simple tools you can use to maximize your efficiency while playing Star Wars Galaxies.

1. Timer
2. Calculator
3. Stopwatch

I have an old PalmPilot M100 I dusted off, and loaded oven timer and stopwatch programs into. A good old fashioned $2 oven timer from Wal-Mart and an equally cheap $2 digital wristwatch will work equally well.

-Practical Application-

1. Timer

Survival XP for Scout/Master Scout/Ranger. Absolutely the best use of a timer. You get the most Survival XP for having your tent up for 30 minutes. What if you don’t want to craft, or chat the entire 30 minutes? Or ANY of it? Use this trick. Make your camp. Set your timer for 30 minutes. Turn your monitor off and go enjoy life. Watch TV. Make coffee. Hang out with your Girlfriend. Remember her? Timers will let you enjoy the game AND those offline friends/family members you forgot you had! When the timer goes off, disband your camp, move a few meters(swg credits), and open the next one. Start 30 minute timer again, rinse and repeat. You’ll get Survival XP -AND- have a life. Timers ARE your friend.
**Note! Do NOT idle much beyond 30 minutes, or the game will close itself, and you may end up getting NO Survival XP if your camp is not properly Disbanded.
Why do I not consider this a cheat? I can’t possibly fathom anyone going through the tedium to get Survival XP while actually playing. Sony dropped the ball on the gross amount of Survival XP needed – it’s absurd. It turns camping into IRC with pretty avatars.

2. Calculator

Sometimes we grind for XP the wrong way, in the wrong spots. Case in point:
While trying to get from Master Unarmed to Teras Kasi Novice, I was having a hard time of it. I wasn’t strong enough to solo Humbaba’s on Corellia (my homeworld), and the things I *could* solo seemed to give poor XP. Then I pulled out my old calculator, and checked some numbers.

My home is in the Agrilat Swamp on Radiant server(star war galaxies credits). The swamp is filled with Diseased Vrelts. Each Vrelt gave me 143 XP, and were relatively easy to kill. I milked the lair (an old trick for those familiar with other MMORPG’s) and this is what happened:

A. Kill the 4 or 5 “guards” around the lair. Keep killing the others that appear until all gone.
B. Hit lair 1x, run off 10 meters. More will pop out.
C. Repeat in infinite loop until lair destroyed, and all guards gone.

So what’s the big deal? The first time I did this the lair spit out 32 Diseased Vrelts. 32*143= 4,576 Unarmed XP, +502 Unarmed XP for destroying the lair. 5,078 total Unarmed XP.You can buy swg credits.


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