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Adams man's website pays you to shop online

A North Country man has created an online shopping website he says not only will save you time and money this holiday season, but will pay you cash back to use it. It might sound too good to be true, but our Brian Dwyer takes a deeper look and tells us how the business model allows the site, stores and the shopper to benefit.

JEFFERSON COUNTY, N.Y. -- People use them every day for hotels, flights, rentals. Sites like Priceline and Kayak help people find the best prices all in one place.

And as we hit the holidays, there are sites designed to help online shoppers do the same(sho mun). But an Adams man says his new site, takes it further by not only comparing prices, but actually paying you to use it.

"The idea actually came up in the beginning of 2010," Robert Honer, the man who created BeeSavy said. "If you can think back, the news at the time was all doom and gloom with nothing positive. We just got thinking to what we could do that would have a positive impact on people's lives."

It wasn't easy. Honer planned for eight weeks to get the site running. It took nearly two years and teams in both India and San Diego to do it. But it's done.

After creating a free account, BeeSavy lets you type in any item you want and search nearly 2,000 stores, including the big ones, for the best prices. But how does it pay you?You can buy sho mun.


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