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Mir 2 Overview

Mir 2 (originally titled The Legend of Mir 2) is an oldshool MMORPG that is extremely popular in Asia. Even with the release of a sequel, The Legend of Mir 3, Mir2 Online Gold is still enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players across China and Korea. The game never caught on in the West and was recently shut down, but fortunately, a new publisher stepped in and now offers the game free-to-play. The game’s graphics resemble the visuals in classic action-RPG titles (such as Diablo), but fall well below today’s standards. There are four available classes during character creation, but no customization beyond gender selection. The classes are:

Assassin - The Assassin class was released in 2008, making it the first and only new addition to the game. Assassins are similar to warriors – both rely on melee and Mir2 Online Gold magic attacks, but Assassins have more Area of Effect spells at their disposal.

Warrior - With the highest health and defense, warriors make an excellent choice for new players. They Mir2 Online Gold rely on brute force at close range, with very limited use for magic.

Wizard - Ranged spell casters who deal heavy damage, but suffer from low defense and health. Though they start off weaker than other classes, their power becomes apparent during the later levels.

Taoist - The supportive class of Mir2 Online Gold. Taoists possess healing and buffing spells that make them invaluable allies in tough boss battles or large PvP events.

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