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For thousands of years, warriors have been fighting an endless war against monsters throughout the various continents of Mir2 Online Gold. As a result of the wars, warriors were able to spread their influence by conquering the forests, rivers, and mountains that were previously overtaken and corrupted by fearsome monsters.

The monsters residing in Mir2 Online Gold have special abilities that are unique and different from ordinary beasts. Previously, the monsters only attacked people that tried to destroy their homes, but now they roam in packs and attack anyone they come in contact with. Eventually, human power grew and the monsters were forced to go back into hiding to avoid being massacred and slaughtered. The humans continued to fight to expand their power and influence. As these battles continued, humans began to fight each other for further power and prosperity. The result was a war where many small towns were crushed and burned to the ground during countless battles. In the end, there were three countries that held the most power: “Ha-gan, Jae-bek, and Suh-ho.” Each country continued to strive and conquer other lands for more power while waiting for an opportunity to attack the rival countries. However, an unexpected event occurred while the tensions between the three countries were increasing. A sudden attack by two tribes of monsters that go by the names of “Neru” and “Oma”, left many humans dead.

The Neru Tribe was very intelligent and was able to use equipment that set them apart from their enemies. The Oma Tribe did not have the intelligence and skills of the Neru Tribe, but were much more powerful in terms of brute strength. Previously, there was no reason for humans to come into contact with these two tribes, but as time passed the humans continued to expand their territories and invade into the monster tribe’s territories. Eventually, the Neru and Oma Tribes began to fight back to defend their homes. The humans were unprepared when the Neru and Oma Tribes attacked because these monsters were far superior to the monsters they had faced before. After losing many battles, the three countries decided to put a halt to their rivalries and cooperate with each other to defeat the Oma and Neru tribes. With unified effort and cooperation, the humans were able to stop the invasion and regain their lost territories from the two tribes. However, the price was great as many lives were lost during the countless battles. After the battles had ended the humans began to improve their defenses and gather warriors to prevent further invasions from the monsters. The Oma and Neru tribes also continued to increase their power to prevent their homes from being attacked by humans again. So began the endless war between the humans and the Oma and Neru tribes.

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