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Hi,Holic Online players, today, I’m going to teach you guys how to make use of the PK options to make money.

Firstly, get ready 3 characters with the help of your friends. One who revives (reviver) the dead, one whom lures (agitator) the characters into killing you (must be of low level) and finally your main character (killer) that is going to hunt down the player (Take note of the short forms, I use in the bracket).

Seems like there may be a problem with the mail system at the moment. Items and Holic Gold are not getting to the mail recipent and people are losing thheir loot. *gasp*

We would like to request that from this moment on, you refrain from sending mail until we have the situation resolved. Those who have already experienced losses, previous to reading this message, please send in a 1:1 Customer Inquiry including the following information in Holic Gold game:

(note: We have the exact timeframe which the losses began to happen, and appropriate measures to figure out whether mail was sent or not. Please do not send in mail containing a false claim as we want to spend the Holic Gold investigating accounts which actually experienced this issue. Show courtesy for your neighbors.)

Firstly, choose a place for the scenario to take place, like ape mountain or bird island. I will choose bird island, because most of the high level players will be there, so I can hunt big items. The agitator can choose a few ways to agitate or lure the person into killing you, so he gets red. You can try to use the dash stack method to make the person kill you.

Since he is frustrated, he will stop leveling and make sure you pay for what you did. Let him kill you till he is red then your main characters comes in to kill him!

Or the summon guard method (Get a low level noob to agitate the victim with guard. They will attack you if you flash. So get your reviver to revive you over and over again. This time the guard will auto attack and the victim will become red within 1 minute if you are fast enough.)


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