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Holic Online Game description

In Holic you star as the hero/heroine, trying to recover you memories, lost in the twilight. As you go along on your journey and battle against the forces of darkness, your memories start to reemerge, along with everyone else's around you. At the start of your adventure, you must choose a class of warrior, each with its own skill. There are many to choose from, ranging from the strong brave warrior, to the wise and majestic mage. Many monsters threaten your life in the realm of Walled and the well being of your town Holic Gold, but through tasks set by people in the game, you soon start to get a sense of who you are. As with any game, as you advance through the game, the monsters start getting harder and the tasks become more challenging. You will not be alone in the game, as other people will form a union with you and guilds. As well as the pets which will help you along the way.



Warriors are able to use a variety of weapons with great skill. They have a good balance of skills for melee attacks or even ranged. The warrior has great power and the best defense out of the classes, with a lot of health. Many people considered them as the leading class as they can take on many monsters at once and pull through Holic Gold.

Mages are useful in combat, because of their ability to use ranged magic spells. Mages do take a while to train, as they need to recover mp, but later on they gain some great spells. These spells are often high hitting and have some extra effects. Mages however tend to have a low health allowance and only have the weapon choice of a rod (1 handed) or a staff (2 handed). With the 1 handed rod a mage may also hold a shield in their other hand.

Monks have a fast attack speed and are seen as a strong class Holic Gold. They don't have big bulky weapons, but rely more upon the physical strength that their character possesses. They are sort of like a medium class, good defense, good attack.

Rogues are a close-combat class, but prefer to use stealthy evasion skills to surprise their enemy. Their weapons tend to be small, but light like daggers or sabers, but don't owrry they deal the most damage out of the classes. Rogues are seen as the thieves, quick, cunning and always prepared to steal Holic Gold.

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