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Hero Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) produced by Netgame based on a story written by three generations of Chinese novelists. Hero Online is free to play with cash shop items available, much like The Legend of Ares, Scions of Fate, Silkroad Online and many other MMORPG''s. The player, when creating a character, is not only able to choose the gender of his/her character, but what kind of weapons their character will be using. These weapon proficiencies may or may not affect the job class people will choose when they reach a certain level for job change. Each of the four characters specializes in his or her own weaponry. For example "The Ruthless Blade" character with the ability to wield a bow, swords and blades. "The Piercing Eyes" character with the ability to use Swords, Blades and throwing weapon. "the Overseer of Sky" Uses axes, rods, and spears, and "The Elegant Mystic" which uses gauntlets, spear and rods.

   hero online gold has many special features, such as quests written by various martial art novelists (and many created by Netgame themselves), and a storyline written by Kum Kan, featuring fantastic fighting skills like walking on water or flying over walls. Many other skills can still be discovered further along in the game. There is also a reward system that keeps track of how many monsters a player kills from log in to log out, resulting in rewards consisting of items, exp, and rank. Currently, there are 10 Dragon servers that players can play on. Characters are interchangeable between servers.

   Players can also participate in battles with other players, establishing karma and honor with the more you participate. Karma and hero gold honor have to do with the manner in which you kill your opponent, and they appear as titles next to your name. For example... civilian, thug, and novice are all titles associated with karma. Nameless, unknown, and skillful are titles associated with Honor. Karma is received or lost in battles from bounty hunting while honor is affected by faction battles. There are also PvP zones where anyone can attack anyone else freely. There are consequences, of course, to being defeated, such as experience loss. Also a new update can allow players to challenge others of the same faction in a 1 on 1 duel.

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