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Character in Hero Online

There are five characters in Hero Online.

The Master of Gunn-Gon: The Ruthless Blade
He is proficient in both long and hero online gold short-ranged weapons such as the Bow and Sword. He excels in luring distant enemies close to kill them quicklyt. Also, he can develop into a formidable force by hunting/taming beasts or gathering minerals.

Holy Oracle: The Elegant Mystic
Adept at close combat, she strikes fearsome blows with her Spear, Rod, and Claws. She can learn the mystic arts to heal both herself and others as well as to destory enemies with deadly poison.

The Empress of Bo-Ta: The Piercing Eyes
Trained in legendary sword-flighting techniques from the Bo-Ta mountains, her main weapon is the Sword, along with the ability to cloak herself from hostile eyes. She can develop into an assassin that strikes from the shadows and who can detect similarly hidden enemies.

Lord of Strength: The Overseer of The Sky
He swings his Axe, Rod and hero online gold Spear with unmatched power blessed with titanic strength. None may rival him in pure combat. He can increase individual and group combat ratings once developed.

Descendant of Hyun-Eum Tribe: Majestic Muse
She carries instruments and uses the power of music to strike at the eneme graceful and deadly. Her dual Swords promise death to any who threaten her. She can use her musical arts to reinforce and encourage defending hero online gold in the thick of battle.

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