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Grand Fantasia Will Launch Closed Beta Test

Grand Fantasia Gold is very important in the game. Grand Fantasia is set to launch the closed beta test on November 19th. In this test, the level cap will be improved to 60, Level 46 to 60 maps and quests will be open to the public along with brand new instances. Meanwhile, players above level 45 are able to change EXP into Master Points so as to learn more powerful battle skills, but each class is allowed to have up to 16 Master Skills. Most excitedly, Grand Fantasia Gold is going to unveil three special systems that Archive, History and Sprite Arena. 


As long as players collect the treasure recorded in the Archive, they can store it in the Archive. The treasure will not occupy any backpack slot and can be taken out to use freely. What is more, the Archive is account-specific, so three characters on the same account can share it. In other words, some Grand Fantasia Gold bound special items can be used on other characters.


As the character progresses day by day in the course of your gaming journey, you have become an indispensable part of a guild. At that time are you eager to have a Grand Fantasia Gold place where you can recall the process of challenging instances and defeating Bosses with teammates and also showcase your brilliant battle achievements? Your dream may come true! From now on, a new column called History will appear in the Quest Log. It will record all difficulties players overcome and other relevant information in the Grand Fantasia Gold game, such as going through instance, participating in activities, Guild King, the King of World, various quests, quills, battlefield data and much more. All of them can help write down players own game experience in details.

Sprite Arena

To get more attention and care from their masters, sprites engage in duels with each other. In this way, they can train themselves as well as win glory for their masters. Consequently, Sprite Duels become the most popular activity among sprites.

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